Heidi Fliess Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Hollywood Madam Heidi Fliess is one of the worst victims of bad plastic surgery. The former American madam, columnist and television personality was a natural beauty in her younger years. She started running a prostitution ring in LA at the age of 22 and entertained many famous clients. In the 90s she was regularly featured in American media and later went on to become an active columnist for magazines like Maxim. She is also a periodic guest on Fox News programs.

Heidi went under the knife on several occasions for facelifts, cheek implants, lip augmentation, and a chin implant. The lip augmentation seems to have gone terribly wrong and has left Heidi with an awkward pout. Her attempt at keeping her face in its 20s, went wrong with repeated surgeries to slim down and bulk up parts of her face simultaneously. Her misshaped lips look bizarrely twisted and mutilated. From the looks of it, she chose a plastic surgeon who couldn’t even get a lip filler injection right.

Heidi Fliess plastic surgery before and after photo

Heidi Fliess before and after plastic surgery photo

Many celebrities have had bad lip jobs and faced the rumors. However, none have been as disfigured as Heidi Fliess. Looks like she was addicted to fillers and did not know when to stop or make the plastic surgeon stop. Hopefully, she has realized the mistake and will stay away from the plastic surgeons clinic forever. Anymore plastic surgery would leave her with irrevocably misshapen features.

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Heidi Fliess has got a face no one could forget, even after just a glance – but for all the wrong reasons.

What do you think of her exaggerated trout pout?

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