Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Surrounded by the glitz and glam and followed by the nonstop limelight, it is difficult for most Hollywood celebs to ace gracefully. The fear of looking weary and wrinkled in front of the camera is one of the top reasons why actors and actresses opt to go under the blade to maintain their good looks. Helen Hunt is no exception, and rumors about her plastic surgeries first started on social media sites with the speculation that she has been a victim of a bad case of plastic surgery. The second time she went under the blade was for corrective procedures to fix the previous mistakes.

Has Helen Hunt had plastic surgery?

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery teeth 2014

Comparing her before and after pictures, the first significant difference is the bags under her eyes which has completely disappeared. Speculations are that this was the result of a botched job to give her the appearance of a much young individual. At 50 her neck is a little too smooth, without a dint of a wrinkle which well looks plain abnormal. As opposed to her neck, her face shows signs of aging which well doesn’t match at all. Facelifts, botox, neck lift, facial fillers and other age concealing procedures are the possible reasons behind her appearance. Nevertheless, post her corrective surgeries, Helen sure is turning heads wherever she is going. The surgery has definitely taken off a decade form her face to give her youthful radiance.

Helen has been as tight lipped about the procedures as ever, hence it is impossible to make out whether her face showcases signs of plastic surgery, or has the signs of ageing been camouflaged effectively using makeup. Whatever the case is, Helen was a leading actress of her time and these rumors has somewhat tainted what she was through the years.

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