Helen Mirren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Looking at Helen Mirren, in her late sixties, it seems like the award winning diva cannot just go wrong with anything. Right from her stunning bikini body to her array of awards courtesy her topnotch acting skills, Helen seems to have it all in her kitty. In a industry full of wannabes undergoing a tad too much plastic surgeries to keep looking stunning, and hoping to land some low budget reality show, Helen still features a face to die for and a neckline, which is totally difficult to sport at 67.

Has Helen Mirren Had Plastic Surgery?

helen mirren plastic surgery before after

Helen was spotted in October with a headscarf cleverly hiding the bandages on her neck and face due to the plastic surgery. Now that the scars have been healed and the bandages have gone, Mirren is showing off the new her all prim and perky. Helen seems to have a much tighter and smoother face as compared to her old pictures. Her new appearance showcases a much younger looking Helen with smoother neck and face and a radiant glow on her face. In her old pictures Helen has bags under her jaw line which gave her a weary appeal. Courtesy the facelift she looks a lot younger, even at sixty seven. The area around her eyes doesn’t show even a  dint of crow’s feet or wrinkles and have over all opened up her eyes.

Along with a facelift, a brow lift might also be on the list, given her before andafter pictures. Helen has also been extremely particular about her visit to the surgeon’s office for her Botox injections. Her forehead is as smooth as silk even at her age, thanks to Botox.

The actress can hide her scars as much as she wishes to under her headscarf and keep the plastic surgery rumors under covers, but her recent pictures are enough to prove all the evidences correct.


  1. Maxine Sherman says:

    Helen Mirren looks amazing!
    Who is her plastic surgeon?

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