Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo – Find Out!

Holly Madison did not hide her plastic surgery stories from the world and proudly admitted that she has had a boob job and a nose job. The blond American model justified her decision to enhance her boob by saying that she wanted to get them a little fuller for a better body proportion. Apparently, there is a lot of difference – her breast cup size increased to D from A. This surgery was performed in 2001.

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Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

About the Rhinoplasty, Holly says that she wanted to fix her nose because it looked bigger in the camera. Being a model, that is completely justifiable – after all having a wonderful body is part of her job. And the nose job looks wonderful on her too. The narrower bridge fits her face perfectly.

Holly Madison plastic surgery Holly Madison before and after photo

Holly Madison plastic surgery Photo

The best part is that Holly knew what she wanted and she stuck to the plan.Holly did not fall for the charms of plastic surgery and stayed away from overdoing it. She did just what was right for her and seems to have found a good surgeon too. Unless and until you compare her photos, it is not easy to tell the difference – no tell tale signs left behind by the doctor.

The 33 year old also says that the plastic surgeries have helped save her career and has also boosted her confidence. The modeling industry is fiercely competitive and it is absolutely necessary to keep up with the changing beauty requirements. But the key is to not get addicted and stay within the limits. Holly Madison is good example to follow.

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