Ivana Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

Like mother, like daughter – we have heard enough of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery rumors. Now it is her mother, Ivana Trump’s chance to step into the limelight. And, has she got it right. Mostly, No. With such hideously pumped up lips, we don’t think we can certify this as good plastic surgery.

Has Ivana Trump had plastic surgery ?

Ivan Trump is a former Czech-American athlete, socialite, and fashion model. But she is best know for being married to American business magnet, Donald Trump. The Trumps are leading figures in New York’s high society. Ivana is deeply involved in the Trump organizations work and has been the president of Plaza Hotel, which earned her the title of “Hotelier of the Year” in 1990. Though she is divorced from Donald now, and had married several times after that, Ivana is still a very rich woman. And rich woman always have unwanted obsessions. Plastic surgery, for example.

Ivana trump plastic surgery before and after photo, Ivana trump nose job and lip fillers

Ivana Trump before and after plastic surgery

65 year old looks at least 20 years younger and have no doubts about what the reason behind this youthful glow is. The only natural change in her body seems to be the little weight she gained ever since she first got married to Trump. Otherwise her good looks are the product of facelifts, nose job, chin surgery, breast implants, eyelifts and dermal fillers. She seems to have invested quite a bit on Botox, restylane and other filler injections for that smooth wrinkle free look. Her forehead looks smooth and the crows feet common on aged woman is not visible. Bt disaster stuck when Ivana decided to over inflate her lips with unwanted fillers. Other than that she looks very much natural. But it may be time for the next round of facelifts and filler injections – lest her age comes through and chases away her young boyfriends and husbands.

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