Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

Following her famous brother’s footsteps, Janet Jackson has been under a lot of plastic surgery rumors for quite some time now. Seriously, she should better stop now; lest she turns into what her brother was ridiculed for.

A breast implant is the most important accusation. She had also gotten several nose jobs done, one when she was just about 16 years old. Liposuction is also suspected, especially because of her rapid weight loss, earlier on in her career. A Blephroplasty cannot be ruled out either.

Did Janet Jackson Had Breast Implants ?

Janet had openly admitted in her book, that she was not happy with her body right from the beginning of her career. She was considered fat and had started to develop breast early. hOwever, her foray into plastic surgery is suspected to be a Rhinoplatsy to narrow down her nose.

Janet Jackson before and after photo

Janet Jackson before and after plastic surgery

Janet Jackson had a wide and bulbous nose naturally, which she has sculpted into something that looks a little better on her face. It is also possible that she added a couple of cheek implants for company. See how her skin is dropping off the high cheek bones?

Experts say that Janet looks good enough now and should not go for any further beauty enhancements.

“Janet Jackson is a great example of how plastic surgery has changed through the years. If you look at the earlier photos of her nose and breasts she has an artificial look to these areas. Now either through the natural relaxation of time or modern day revisions she looks beautiful and more natural consistent with how we do modern day procedures. The key today is to have no signs of having had surgery, which she’s looking more like now.” – says Plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow of Newport Beach.

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