Jay Leno Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jay Leno is one of the most recognized hosts in the world. He is famous for hosting The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC. He was so famous that he was even inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. There is not many people Jay has not talked to or experienced in his 64 years on the earth. Due to all of the things he has seen and done some people figured he would have age a little prematurely. While it is true that you can tell he has aged through the years, he certainly does not look like he is in his 60’s. Many people attribute this to his plastic surgery throughout the years.

While Jay Leno has never openly admitted to getting plastic surgery one look at his before and after photos say otherwise. One of the first things you notice is how full his face is for someone who is way past their 50th birthday. In your late 30’s you will begin to see fine lines appear around your eyes and face. Jay Leno has those lines, but they are very mild compared to most 60 year olds. The reason they might be so mild has to do with getting Botox injections to keep his face looking full and youthful, and boy has it worked.

Jay Leno Plastic Surgery before and after

Jay Leno Plastic Surgery

Besides Botox injections people speculate that he may have gotten a couple of chin jobs throughout the years. We all know that Jay is famous for his chin, maybe he decided getting some work done to make it look more pronounced would make him even more memorable. If that was what his endgame was he succeeded.  Leno will forever be famous as one of the best TV personalities to make it on the air. Long after he stops appearing on television he will still remain relevant, and surely look young.

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