Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jenna Jameson is one of the most beautiful women in the world, without question. She started her career as a cam girl and eventually obtained the title of the “Queen of Porn”. How does someone reach this status? While she is naturally beautiful it is understandable that knew certain surgeries would help increase her beauty and therefor make her career more successful. These procedures might have also made her feel better about herself, and nothing is better than a big boost to your confidence. Here are some before and after photos so that you can see just how different she used to look.

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery

Her most notable surgery is her breast implants. She used to have decent sized breasts and decided that they were not big enough. You will not hear anyone complain about this surgery, as it is one of the things she is best known for. She understood that in her business big breasts were something that her viewers wanted to see, so why wouldn’t she decide to get a breast implant? When you think about how this choice changed her life it actually is pretty stunning.

The other surgery that a lot of people talk about is her lip job. Again, she used to have decent lips, but she took it to the next level. When someone gets a lip job the lips are injected with a filler to give them a lush and sexy appearance. While there are some people who had the same surgery that didn’t turn out so well, Jenna Jameson is an exception to the rule. She managed to get them in moderation and had a great plastic surgeon who helped her achieve the body that she always wanted to have. She understood the risks and rewards and made the right decision, and she is still beautiful today at forty years old.

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