Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics – Botox, Lip Augmentation and Facelifts

American Pie star Jennifer Coolidge has joined the 50 year old celebrity club and looks nothing like it – thanks to plastic surgery? If you go by her before and after pix – she stopped aging at 30. And in such cases, celebrity watches always look for a plastic surgery angle to the story.

American actress and comedian, Jennifer Coolidge’s ticket to fame came with her American Pie role as Stiffler’s mom. She was also noticed for her performances in The Cinderella Story, Legally Blond and NBC sitcom, Joey. She also stars in the CBC sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.

Recently, Coolidge’s ageless face has sparked off some plastic surgery rumors. The major argument is that Jennifer does not seem to have aged since 2003. As with every other middle-aged celebrity facing the plastic surgery rumors, Jennifer is also being suspected of minor beauty enhancement procedures like Botox and facelifts. Restylane is also suspected on her prominently fuller lips. The healthy facial skin could be the result of chemical peel procedures. She may have also gone under the knife for a minor browlift.

Jennifer coolidge before and after

Jennifer Coolidge before and after plastic surgery

None of these rumors have been confirmed by the actress or experts yet. However, it is being pointed out that mine –facelifts and Botox is inevitable, especially since Jennifer’s mid-life weight loss. The loose skin had to have gone somewhere – and most of the rumor mongers believe that it was left at the plastic surgeon’s clinic.

Celebrated Beverley Hills plastic surgeon, Dr Paul Nassif has gone on record to suggest that Coolidge, “appears to have had Botox, facial fillers and a lip augmentation.” He is also of the opinion that the procedures were performed to preserve her beauty rather than enhance it. A little nip and tuck there to keep the face glowing.

We agree – whatever Coolidge has done is top-notch. It’s very difficult to say whether she has done it for sure!

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