Jennifer Lawrence Doppelganger Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Kitty is a 30 year old dog trainer who had the goal of looking like a Jennifer Lawrence doppelganger plastic surgery precipitant You can take one look at her and tell that she had a good bit of plastic surgery, but sadly did not reach her goal of looking like Jennifer. She spent a combined total of at least 25,000 dollars to get this look, and even if she didn’t end up looking like Jennifer Lawrence she still looks great. You might be wondering what kind of work she had done to try to achieve her look, here is a before and after photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Kitty so you can see for yourself.

Jennifer Lawrence doppelganger plastic surgery comparison photos

Jennifer Lawrence doppelganger

The first thing you will notice is that Kitty had a nose job so that she could resemble Jennifer a little more. You can tell that some parts of her nose were cut, while others were tucked to give her a more aligned and “Hollywood” nose. It is not uncommon to see someone with a nose job, even Jennifer Lawrence herself had a couple. Regardless of how different it actually looks it still does manage to look great and attractive.

The other procedure Kitty had was Botox shots in her face. Notice that around her cheek and lip areas it looks a little puffy. People who get Botox shots get this look because the filler that it inserted into the cheek tends to swell before it goes down and fits comfortably against the face. The odds are this was a new procedure for her and it caused a little bit of swelling, even through the swelling it still fits her face very well.

At the end of the day plastic surgery might not go as planned, and while Kitty does not look like Jennifer Lawrence she still made a big impact. People are going to know her as the girl who went after her dreams at whatever cost, and when it was all said and done she still looks young and beautiful.