Jessica Walter Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jessica Walter is a famous American actress. She has been performing for many years and has been starring in different shows for decades. One of her most famous roles is Lucille Bluth on the show Arrested Development.  Right now she is 73 years old, and she looks extraordinary for her age. She could pass as late 40’s or early 50’s. Her method for staying young might involve a little more than luck. An obvious option would be plastic surgery. If she had some of these procedures done her doctors were well trained and did an excellent job. Being able to keep a youthful look as you close in on 80 is an impressive feat indeed. If she did have plastic surgery what might she have done to herself? Well, here are some options.

Jessica Walter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Walter Plastic Surgery

A neck lift was likely involved in keeping her face so well put together. There is no sign of sagging or folding around her cheek and neck area. It is astounding how a simple neck lift can keep the skin looking as tight as a young adult. These types of surgeries are not uncommon and can significantly boost the confidence of the person who gets it. It would not be surprising to know if Walter decided that getting her neck worked on would be a good choice.

Another surgery that seems logical is a facelift. If you look at her forehead, there are almost no creases or deep lines that people of her age usually have. The same can be said by her cheeks and mouth lines; they are fine and barely noticeable. Botox injections can sometimes be used with facelifts for an even longer lasting youthful appearance. If these before and after pictures show anything, it is that Jessica Walter plastic surgery helps her stay beautiful at 73 years old.

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