Jillian Harris Nose Job Before And After Photos

Plastic surgeries, which were once thought to be the domain of matured stars, are being increasingly taken up by the younger genre as well. Nose job is particularly the most famous among the younger stars who still are not worried about a sagging face akin to their senior counterparts. Amidst the many young celebs to have taken to rhinoplasty is Jillian Harris.

Has Jillian Harris had Nose Job?

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before And After

Yes, the Bachelorette beauty has certainly opted for a nose job or rhinoplasty. If you look at her previous pictures you would find Harris with big nostrils and bulbous tip. Just go through any of her smiling pictures from her Bachelorette days and you will see the nasal tip getting bigger with her widening lips. But if you take a glance at her recent pictures now you will clearly find Jillian with a different nose. Today her nose appears shorter accompanied by trimmer nasal bridge. A refined nose tops the wishlist of many and the rhinoplasty surgery taken by Harris has surely made her even more beautiful with a slender nose.

Unlike most of her peers, Harris has not denied any claims of nasal job. In fact, she has made it clear in her recent interviews that she did consult a rhinoplasty surgeon. Ironically, Harris has claimed that her nose job procedure was not meant to improve her beauty but was a necessary step to heal her face post accident. Jillian met with a traumatic accident some years before where she badly broke her nose. According to the actor after she recovered from her broken nose she was not exactly satisfied with it.

It was her mom who suggested her to go for nasal-cartilage operation to rectify her ill shaped nose and she duly agreed to it. Today she is happy with her improved nose and it seems that Harris was smart to choose a very careful and skilled surgeon.

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