Jim Palmer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jim Palmer is a baseball legend. He played in the MLB for 19 years for the Baltimore Orioles. Because of his contribution to the sport he was put into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 1990. He is respected in the sport as a player and as a good human being. Despite his career in sports, it is still alleged that he received plastic surgery on his face to keep his good looks.

If you look at Jim Palmer, he does not look like a 68-year-old man. He looks like someone who should be in their 40’s, which is remarkable. It does not seem likely that all of his good fortunes is the result of great genetics. He likely had a little help from a famous plastic surgeon. It may be a mystery exactly what kind of surgeries Jim Palmer had throughout the years. Here are the likely culprits.

Jim Palmer plastic surgery before and after

Jim Palmer plastic surgery

First of all, one look at Jim Palmer before and after photos and you can see that his eye wrinkles virtually disappeared The only way this would be possible is if he had a facelift. These types of surgeries are common and many people, even sports stars, opt for the surgery. It removes all of those fine age lines that happen as you get older. There are plenty of people who are a great example of good things plastic surgeries can do for people, and Palmer is one of them.

Another option for plastic surgery besides a facelift could be a nose job. His nose appears to get small and straight as you look at some of his pictures. It is not a definite thing, but if he didn’t get plastic surgery, he found the fountain of youth. He is a respectable retired baseball player regardless of a nose job or any other surgeries he may have taken on to make himself look better.

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