Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Joan Van Ark’s plastic surgery is described as one of the worst plastic surgery. It is only by looking at her before and after pictures that her plastic surgery becomes evident. It is just not one surgical procedure that she went in for rather she has gone in for many surgical procedures.  She did go for some basic surgical procedures and intensive procedure too.

Has Joan Van Ark Had Plastic Surgery?

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

It is her skin that has changed and looks rather different. A leather appearance is seen on her face. She has gone in for facelift, nose surgery, cheek implants and Botox injections. Her face in no way looks fuller rather it has become sullen and chiselled. Earlier her face was plump with fuller cheeks. Her nose has become small than before. Her Botox injections have made her forehead extremely tight. The tightness on her skin is also due to due to laser treatment and dermal fillers. The skin around her eyes is also smooth. Though some sagging lines are still seen in and around her eyes and this may be due to over use of Botox injections and other fillers. Her lips also appear slightly bloated. Due to a possible facelift her neck seems to be tight with sharp lines that are not usually found on an elder person.

A considerable lifting of the eyebrows is also felt. With so many procedures her face has been damaged rather than fixing some parts. She has often avoided the subject on her plastic surgery in many interviews. There is no concrete evidence to support her surgical procedures. It is the natural look that is not seen on her face any more. A complete artificial look with shadows of grey around her nose is seen from her before and after pictures.

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