Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Did she or did she not? Despite, Joanna Krupa Plastic surgery rumours being confirmed by the model/actress herself, this question largely remains unanswered. That is because Joanna only admitted to having had breast implants done. What about the face?

Joaana Krupa is a Polish American model/actress/reality TV star who is well know for her appearences on Dancing with the Stars, Poland’s Next Top Model and The Real Housewives of Miami. The 35 year old was born in Warsaw, but moved to the US  when she was 5. She has been active as a model since 18994 and got married in 2013.

Has Joanna Krupa had plastic surgery on face, Lips and breast ?

Joanna Krupa before and after plastic surgery photo

Joanna Krupa before and after plastic surgery

While Joanna came clean with her breast implant confession on a Talk show in 2013, the celebrity gossipers and experts are still speculating on what plastic surgery procedures she has had for her face. Joanna Krupa’s before and after photos show significant changes in her facial features. A nose job is an unavoidable suspect as she seems to have had a larger wider nose in her younger years. A little reshaping with Rhinoplasty may me the reason for her sharper looks now.

Another suspect is Botox. Though Joanna is barely in her 40’s, she is a professional model and needs to keep up her looks. Not even a single sigh of aging can be tolerated in the ultra-glamorous modeling industry. So it is only fair that she is depending on Botox to keep her skin smooth and wrinkle free. It is also speculated that Krupa has used Endermologie procedure to control cellulite. Lip fillers are also highly suspected in giving her that beautiful smile.

Joanna Krupa Plastic surgery is one aimed at enhancing beauty and not to cover up imperfections. As a model, we think she has done a good job.

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