John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

For a change, we have a politician on our list of celebrity plastic surgery. John Kerry Plastic surgery rumors were not a result of drastic change in his appearance. In fact, there no tell-tale signs at all and the changes are quite insignificant. However, the former US senator decided to pose for the cameras with obvious scars on his face!

Has John Kerry had plastic surgery ?

John Forbes Kerry is the current United States Secretary of State and gas served the US senate as the Chairman of Foreign Relations committee. He was also the Democratic candidate for 2004 presidential elections, but lost to George W Bush.

The 70 year old is not from the glamour industry, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to look good. After all like most Hollywood celebrities, politicians also spend a lot of time in front of the cameras. 70 is a big age and that saggy skin can be turn-off for camera friendly smiles.

John Kerry before and after plastic surgery photo

John Kerry before and after plastic surgery

In 2012, Kerry was photographed with two black eyes and a bruised nose at a white house celebration. When asked about this, the then senator explained that he suffered an injury while playing hockey with his family. Really, hockey can do this? – Two identical bruises under his eyes? Experts and celebrity watchers had the same doubts too. “He had recently had massive plastic surgery and that’s the reason he looks like a grotesque freak with his forehead, face, and under eye area pulled completely taut.” – Insider.

So, since Mr Kerry has denied all the rumors, let’s see what he would have done. Botox injections, facelift, brow lift, facial fillers and a nose job – according to popular opinion. The botox is definitely a possibility. Though his face still has wrinkles, the sagging has reduced significantly, especially on the smooth forehead. The laugh lines have also vanished. Fillers?

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