John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Before and After

Recently, male celebrities have taken a fondness for plastic surgery. Bad plastic surgery is however, extremely rare among the dudes, as compared to what the divas get themselves into. But then we have the like of Mickey Rourke and Carrot Top to represent the men who got a backlash from plastic surgery. And now, joining this club of shame is rockstar Johnny Rzeznik.

John Rzeznic is a musician, singer-songwriter and producer, best known for the formation of American rockband Goo Goo Dolls. The 48 year old has recorded 10 studio albums with his band and serves as its lead guitarist. He is well known for his unique and unusual guitar tunings.

Has John Rzeznik had plastic surgery ?

John Rzeznik before and after plastic surgery photo

John Rzeznik before and after plastic surgery

So, the Goo Goo Dolls lead man is almost 50, but still going strong with his career. Rockstars are not jut known for their talent, but for their good looks too. And we can’t complain – Rzeznik had his heydays. But age seems to have caught up with him and looks like he has decided to outrun it.

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The first point in John Rzeznik plastic surgery case is the use of Botox – the overuse, rather. Take a look at John Rzeznik before and after photo. At a younger age, Johnny had more wrinkles and laugh likes than an almost 50 year old John. This is definitely the work of Botox – flawless smooth skin is definitely not normal at this age.

There are also several rumors about other dermal fillers and implants making his face weirdly frozen. He is almost unrecognizable now. We also heard about a possible nose job that was performed in earlier. But it is tough to guess what he has gotten done to his face, especially when there are no confirmations from Rzeznik or any of his representatives. But plastic surgery has certainly made it worse for his looks.

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