Jordan James Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jordan James is a very unique person. He is a UK born man who has spent a good chunk of his adult life and 150 thousand USD to try and become as close to Kim Kardashian as possible. You can take one look at him and clearly see that in order for him to do this he had to get some help with plastic surgery. In the course of his transformation he has gotten many different surgeries, each more extreme than the last. If at the end of the day he is happy with his new look and feels it was a worthwhile investment that means the surgeon did their job. In order to understand how he managed this transformation you need to understand what surgeries he had done and why.

Jordan James plastic surgery before and after photos

Jordan James plastic surgery

The first surgery that Jordan James had was a facelift.  The reason he probably went with this procedure is because it helped make the shape of his face look more like hers. You can see that his cheeks now fit the cure of a feminine face now, and his jaw is smaller and more in line with that of Kim. A facelift is usually a very common procedure, but if you have a special order like this you are going to need to find a great plastic surgeon to help get the job done.

The second very obvious surgery is his lip job. Kim had lip surgery a few times in her life, but these before and after photos go to show how far he went to try to look like the reality TV star. When someone gets a lip job the surgeon will usually go in and inject the lips with a filler, then craft them to look more like the lips that the participant of the surgery wanted.  Whether or not he is going to get more surgeries in the future is a mystery, but after his lip job and facial reconstruction he seems happy with the results.