Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

American actress and a stunning diva Julianna Margulies is known all over for her drop dead gorgeous looks that leaves everyone spell bound. At forty seven, the actress is looking younger than ever and extremely attractive regardless of her age. With her complexion glowing with her age, the critics are of the opinion that the reason behind her good looks is something a little beyond good genes. While women of her age bracket have serious problems of aging and wrinkles all over their face, how come, the actress still looks perfect without even a dint of a line? The only possible reason behind her appearance seems to be plastic surgery.

Has Julianna Margulies Had Plastic Surgery?


The first procedure that she has gone under is definitely Botox, given her taut and extremely perfect skin at 47.  The area around her eyes doesn’t even have a single crow’s feet or saggy skin, which well is plain unnatural. Seems like, she has taken it a tad too far, since her face doesn’t show a line, even when she frowns or smiles. Well, that’s the beauty of plastic surgery, even at 47, one can look like in their 20s.

Judging by her before and after pictures, the actress seems to have gone for more than just Botox, and a face lift might be on the list as well. It is almost impossible for a woman who is their late 40s to have skin such as hers without beauty enhancements.

A blepharoplasty seems pretty obvious as well, with her recent pictures showcasing much open eyes without any excess skin around them. Again if a close look is taken at her new nose, it looks slimmer than before, especially around the bridge, thanks to a probable rhinoplasty. All the rumors were however denied by the actress, who claims that she looks as gorgeous as she is because of a healthy lifestyle.

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