Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Botox,Breast Augmentation

Here’s something different – Julie Benz has been spotted wearing hair extensions. Don’t know whether that qualifies as plastic surgery, but she’s got more on her list to be feature on the celebrity plastic surgery list.

American actress Julie Benz is 41 years old and is popular for her performances in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dexter. She is a former figure-skater and after that career got over in 89, Benz became involved in local theater. Her acting breakthrough came with Darla’s character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1997. Benz as appeared in several television series thereafter.

Did Julie Benz Have Plastic Surgery or Breast Augmentation ?

Apart from the hair extension incident, Julie Benz has also come under the celebrity plastic surgery radar for breast augmentation and Botox. Her C cups are a clear giveaway, according to critics and gossipers. Also, her face appears tight enough to qualify for a facelift and Botox speculation.

julie benz before and after photo

Julie Benz before and after plastic surgery

Benz’s smooth and shiny forehead could indeed be the result of regular Botox injections. Facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are also possible suspects.

Celebrated Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif says; “Julie Benz appears to have had filler injected in her lips, and there is a possibility she had Botox and facial fillers. It does not appear she had any major surgical procedures performed to her face.”

Miami surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also opines that, “Besides a perfectly smooth forehead from Botox or Dysport it does not appear that Julie Benz has had any other cosmetic work done to her face. She has lost her golden tan which can alter the look of a person. In this case, I think her pale complexion has made her look slightly older.”

Do you agree with the experts?

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