Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jwoww is a reality TV star who had her first big role in the MTV show Jersey Shore. Since the taping of the show, and a couple seasons later, she has gone on to do other various projects in the TV business. People suggest that the reason she has managed to stay in the business so long is due to her good looks. She is 29 years old and still looks very young and attractive. The same people who suggest that her good looks kept her in business are the same ones who believe that her good looks are attributed to plastic surgery. While it is very common for reality stars to get cosmetic surgery you might be wondering what exactly did she have done through the years.

JWoww Plastic Surgery  before and after photos

JWoww Plastic Surgery

The first surgery, which everyone seems to notice, is her boob job. When she first got famous she had average sized breasts, you never heard anyone complain. A few years after the show is said and done you can tell that she had some form of boob job to keep her looking irresistible. There are many tabloids that noted when the surgery was done. You can see the before and after photos for yourself to see how good the surgeon did with her.

It is also easy to see that she had a nose job to compliment her face. The before pictures show her nose as being wide and while not exactly unattractive, but maybe as something Jwoww did not like about herself. A surgeon who does a nose job can go in and shape the nose to the person getting the surgery’s liking. She may have told the surgeon to take a little off and straighten her nose out, as evidenced by the photos. Plastic surgery is an everyday occurrence in show business, and Jwoww is proof that even after you make your debut you can change things about yourself.