Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

‘Jersey Shore’ babe Jwoww aka Jennifer “Jenni” Farley has chosen not to hide her Plastic surgery stories, unlike her fellow celebrities who live in denial when it comes to plastic surgery rumors about them. Jwoww decided to come clean and admitted to have gone under the knife for breast implants. This was confirmed by paparazzi who managed to catch the reality star in a revealing outfit which gave us a sneek peek of the scar under her boobs. Jwoww has also admitted to using Botox injections regularly and says that she loves it.

So we took a look at her before and after photos and would like to show you what she had the plastic surgeon do to her body. Apart from the visibly larger boobs, Jwoww seems to have got a nose job done too. The Rhinoplasty has helped her get rid of the uneven shape of her nose and has sculpted it for a thinner bridge. As an American Television personality, Jwoww understands the need for a face and body that will keep people glued to their TV. Reality TV stars are born almost instantly and so, there is enough competition to think about.

Has Jwoww had plastic surgery on face ?

Jwoww Plastic surgery before and after, Jwoww before and after picture

Jwoww Plastic surgery Photo

The competition will grow as long as TV exists and that is why we believe that the rumors about Liposuction and face fillers are also true in Jwoww’s case. Her cheeks do look like they have had some help in looking so plump and fresh. The Lipo rumors seemed to upset the star initially, but now she just laughs it off. According to her, the vegan diet she strictly follows is the reason for her toned body and flat belly.

Watch Jwoww Before and After Plastic Surgery Video

So far so good Jwoww – you got it all right on that sexy body and gorgeous face. Let’s not try going overboard and stay away from the weird though!

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