Karina Jelinek Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The modeling world is one of the most high intensity professions in the world. You need to be ready for anything. Karina Jelinek has no problem handling the stress of being a model; in fact she also made her way onto the screen as an actress and TV personality. When you take one look at her it is easy to see why people love her so much. She is absolutely beautiful and does not let anyone tell her differently. The Argentine model gone actress is 34 years old right now, but you would never be able to tell just by looking at her photos. There is a good chance that she used plastic surgery to her advantage when she felt like she was getting a little older. Look at these before and after photos and see if you can spot some of her procedures.

Karina Jelinek Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Karina Jelinek Plastic Surgery

The thing that should stick out the most is how different her lips look now. She may be puckering up in the second photo, but they are definitely much bigger than they were when the first photo was taken.  The chances are the reason they look so different is because she had a lip filler to make her lips appear bigger than they actually are. Lip filler procedures are safe and as you can see the results usually turn out for the better. There is more going on in the photo than just a lip job though.

You can also tell that she had a nose job by the photos. Notice how in the first photo her nose is pointed down. Even if the angle of the photo is different it is still obvious that she had some work done to craft the shape of her nose. The surgeon listened to her request and crafted her nose to her liking. There may be more surgeries than this, but she has never admitted to anything else so it is hard to tell. Karina Jelinek is going to have her modeling career into her 40’s though, that is very clear.