Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Katarina Witt is a beautiful German native. She is 48 years old and born on December 3rd, 1965. Witt is known for being a famous figure skater. She took home a total of four gold medals in her Olympic career. One big question that comes up with her is if she had plastic surgery or not. She is without a doubt a beautiful woman, but it would seem that she had some surgeries along the way to enhance her body.

A boob job is immediately visible when you look at the before and after pictures. She went from a smaller cup to huge in no time. No one is complaining about the perks of her new boob job. It is just worth pointing out that it clearly is one of the surgeries she used to make herself look even better.

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery

Witt’s skin is flawless. This is evidence that she could of have had a couple of facelifts in the past couple of years. She has the skin of a young woman in her early 20s. The only reason that Witt would appear looking that young is with the help of a little cosmetic surgery. The fine lines and age marks that creep up on people throughout the years are not even beginning to show. This sounds impossible, until you consider what a facelift is capable of doing for your skin.

Finally, people are speculating that she could have a nose job. One look at the before and after images and you can see that now her nose appears much thinner and better than before. The doctors who did her nose job and other surgeries did an excellent job and helped her take back her youth. Consider that she is pushing 50 right now; her beauty is something to behold and proof that not all plastic surgery is bad.

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