Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgery rumour history has a 50-50 stand at confirmation. The mother of 8 has admitted to some of it and then denied the few others. As far as we know, she seems to have undergone plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, Botox, tummy tuck and a boob job.

So what did she admit to ? – Kate admitted to have had a mummy make-over. We figured that she was talking about the tummy tuck, because the need for that little procedure is easily understandable after giving birth to eight kids. And looks like, she pulled it off perfectly. She seems to have lost all that post-pregnancy flab from her tummy, going by the some photos from her beach holiday with the kids.

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery Kate Gosselin before and after photo

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery photo

Now what she is not telling us – the work on her face? Kate is piling years on her age, but looks like someone forgot to tell her face about the ageing process. The face remains tight and flawless without any traces of sagging or wrinkles. Okay, now some of you may say that is the beauty of makeup. Maybe, but maybe not!

Apparently, some celebrity gossip websites also raise the issue of possible cosmetic dentistry to whiten her teeth, and chin implants for a rounder face. There are also talks about a thigh lipo and a boob job. We don’t know how much of that is true, but the teeth whitening  and a facelift seems likely – what’s with all that arched eyebrow look?

Botox cannot be ruled out either – owing to that beautifully stretched shinny face. Other fillers lie Restylane may have been used too.  Now there are enough arguments about the changes being visible only in some photos and that is probably because of the lighting or the angle and what not. Only Kate can put all these talks to rest. Hope she does.

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