Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo – Nose Job and Breast Augmentation

Kate Hudson is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to sculpt her nose to compliment her face. More recently, a breast augmentation rumor has also been doing the rounds against the Hollywood star. Most of these comparisons are based on her photos from younger years.

Has Kate Hudson Had a Nose Job or Breast Implants ?

34 year old American actress Kate Hudson got famous with a Golden Globe winning performance in Almost Famous. Soon cam her next hit in 2003, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.Kate is also noted for her performance in the much recent Bride Wars. She also plays a recurring role in the hit series Glee.

kate hudson before and after photo

Kate Hudson before and after plastic surgery

Her smile is, no doubt, Kate’s best feature. However, in some of her past photographs, the nose looks prominent too. Maybe Kaye dd not like this little smudge in her image and decided to get it right. In her much recent photos, Hudson’s face looks flawlessly proportional. Critics are convinced tht this is definitely a plastic surgeons talent on show.

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery Before and After Video – Watch Now !!

We think it could be lose of some baby fat too. Her nose has a wider tip, true. But can’t that be corrected with professional make-up? As for the breast augmentation rumor – that sounds like made up stuff. There are no changes on Kat Hudson’s bust area, whatsoever. But US Weekly has reported that she may have had really small breast implants. There are bikini images to support this claim too.

Kate may have had fake cleavage for her movie posters, but in real life, we don’t see anything significantly transformed on her body. As for the face, why don’t you decide whether she has had a nsoe job or not?

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