Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

‘Titanic’ beauty Kate Winslet is yet another Hollywood celebrity to have been linked with plastic surgery, owing to a complete lack of aging signs on her 38 year old face. The fact that she is barely 40 and there are quite many cosmetic treatments available for ageing does not stop the rumor mongers. So do you think Kate went under the knife to keep her youthful look intact?

The speculations revolve around Botox injections, Rhinoplasty and a breast implant. The rumors first began to spread when Kate Winslet started losing weight and began looking much younger than her years. But there were no concrete proof or tell tale signs to support these rumors. Also, when confronted with these speculations, Kate denied the rumors and also said that she would never go under the knife to enhance her beauty. She also said that Plastic surgery is against her morals and she wanted to age gracefully.

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Kate Winslet Before and after photo

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Photo

When these rumors reached renowned plastic surgeons, the common opinion was that she could have attained the youthful look by a healthy lifestyle and diet too. Since there are no obvious indicators of cosmetic surgery, we have to believe that this is true.

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After assessing the rumors and the plastic surgeons opinions, we have to say that we are with Kate. She seems to have found that perfect balance of a healthy lifestyle and well-planned diet to keep her body at its best. Her beauty and youthful glow are well deserved and we hope she will age gracefully, just as she wants to.

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