Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery in Hollywood is no myth and almost every star out there has been under the knife at least once in lifetime. The inclination is naturally more from the aging stars who are on the constant pressure to look their best even after being on the wrong side of 60. Kathie Lee Gifford is one of those stars who have sought for plastic surgeons to retain her youthful appearance even in the aging time.

Has Kathie Lee Gifford had Plastic Surgery?

kathie lee gifford plastic surgery before after

The most prominent signs of cosmetic works are evident from Kathie’s still youthful countenance. It is impossible for a 60 plus woman to look flawless sans any sign of sagging skin or wrinkles. The speculation is that she has undertaken both Botox injections and facelift procedures. Her face looks oh-so-smooth now without any patch of laugh lines, crows-feet and wrinkles. The interesting part is that the famous TV show hosts has actually admitted the Botox claims and even confessed that she has been taking them since she turned 40. Kathie remarked that the Botox injections over the years have actually helped her to straighten the frowns on her face.

But, Gifford has denied taking to facelift operations. However, no matter how the star denies it a facelift is particularly evident with her suspended & stiff expressions- it clearly testifies of consulting a facelift specialist.

Then, Kathie has most possibly opted for an eyelift operation as well. Yes, she has denied it once again but no mature woman can have such toned & tight eyes that Gifford proudly flaunts even after crossing 60. Her eyes look elevated instead of sagging which is only possible through an eyelift surgery.

A rhinoplasty surgery can also be concluded. If you compare Kathie’s older photos with that of the recent ones, you will find her with more refined nasal area – than she had before.

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