Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Lip Filler

It’s hard to ‘not notice’ the plastic surgery on Kathryn Morris. The sudden transformation came as complete surprise to both fans as well as celebrity watchers. Kathryn’s jaw line and eye areas have had a remarkable change. Her lips look fuller too.

Kathryn Morris is a 45 year old American actress best known for her role in CBS crime-drama series Cold Case. Morris has been acting since the 90s and got her breakthrough with Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom in the television series Pensacola: Wings of Gold in 1997. Her performance led her to two Steven Spielberg offers – A.I: Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report.

Kathryn Morris before and after photo

Kathryn Morris before and after plastic surgerty

 Did Kathryn Morris Have Plastic Surgery ?

A facelift and regular Botox is very likely in Kathryn Morris’ plastic surgery case. The plumper lips suggest lip filler injections too. However, she seems to be receiving mixed opinions about her decision to go under the knife – some like it and some don’t. And this is always a difficult situation with a lot of debating to do.

Kathryn’s face look stretched, no doubt. But a facelift sounds appropriate for her age, especially when she is starring in a popular television series and has an obligation to keep up with her looks. However, the lip fillers were a bad idea. Kathryn’s lips look definitely out of proportion and juts out prominently on her tight face. CBS tried to clarify this issue by blaming it on a new lipstick!

What are your thoughts on Kathryn’s new looks?

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