Kathy Bates Neck Lift Before and After Photos

If you are a fan of the macabre you likely know who Kathy Bates is in the movie world. She is well known as her role as the diabolic Anne Wilkes in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. One of her most famous roles however is in the hit TV show American Horror Story. Up until this point she has managed to star in every single season in one way or another. She is even in the new season Hotel. The big thing to remember is that the show is constantly rotating staff and stories, so the fact that she has been around this long in the show is amazing. She always manages to pull off the perfect mix of creepy, funny, and clever. Many folks tend to wonder if she had any plastic surgery. Particularly, if the Kathy Bates neck lift rumors are true.

Kathy Bates Neck Lift before and after photos

Kathy Bates Neck Lift

Neck Lift Procedure

When you closely look at her before and after photos you can clearly see that she had a neck lift done in order to remain looking extraordinarily younger than her age, which happens to be 67 years old. The photos show that her neck looks pretty different. You can see in the before pictures that her neck appears to be layered due to her skin losing all of its elasticity, which happens with old age. She decided to try and correct this issue with a neck lift procedure. The way that it works is the surgeon goes in and tightens up the skin gently until the wrinkles end up all but disappearing.

It is easy to see where the Kathy Bates neck lift rumors came from. She never admitted to the procedure, but it is very obvious that it took place. Do you think that she had this procedure done multiple times, or was it a one time deal?

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