Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kathy Griffin is a world famous actress and comedian. She has worked with tons of different people on countless projects. Overall she has proven to be a very successful woman who is going to continue to do great in whatever she does. Kathy was born in 1960, which means she is 54 years old. You would never guess that she even reached her 40s if you took a look at her before and after pictures. Once you take her age into consideration you have to wonder how she looks so fantastic after being around for so long. The logical answer is that she had cosmetic work done on her face and body to keep up appearances. Judging by the photos there are a couple of different procedures that can be picked out immediately.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

The first surgery that people tend to notice about Kathy is her chin job. She has always had a long face, but when she got famous her face, more specifically the lower part of her face got longer. A good explanation for this is that she had a chin job to craft the way her chin looks. It is no longer broad, or uneven, now it is straight and almost perfect looking. It compliments her striking good looks in multiple ways. It would seem that there was more at hand here than a simple chin surgery.

Further investigation of the photos goes to show that Kathy Griffin also had a facelift to compliment her looks. You can see where in her older pictures her skin was losing its elasticity. Current pictures show that her face is now tight and fresh as if she did not even start aging yet. Another benefit of getting a facelift is that all of her wrinkles are virtually gone. Kathy is proof that even in your 50s you can still be an active, powerful, and amazing looking woman.