Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

At the age of 56, it seems that Katir Courie has discovered the fountain of youth. This newsgal turned anchor looks as perky as ever given her age. However the media pundits are of the idea that she has definitely gone under the knife to per her features up. Dr. Brian Glatt, a  well known plastic surgeon from New Jersey feels that Katie has definitely gone under the knife to tweak up her features. Botox seems on the top of her list, especially in between her eyes and on her forehead.  Her forehead looks extremely smooth and her crow’s feet have disappeared almost magically, which definitely is courtesy botox. Katie is quite particular about her visits to the surgeons office, sources have revealed.

Has Katie Couric had plastic surgery?

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery; Botox Injections and Facelift

The talk show host has definitely has opted for a neck lift as well, since the bags under her neck has disappeared going by her before and after pictures. Her older pictures showcase bands under her jaw line, which she doesn’t showcase any further.

Next, she has also gone for a facial resurfacing procedure using chemical peeling or laser, which has given her a lighter complexion and gotten rid of her hyper pigmentation. Sources have revealed that she has spent as much as 18,500 dollars on herself just for plastic surgery. Dr Brent Moelleken commented on Katie’s pictures saying that her eyes are looking extremely different and a mini face lift is also definitely on the list, and well, they don’t come cheap. The talk show host likes to keep her plastic surgery details under the blanket, however the procedures has done her some major good, as she definitely looks stunning as compared to her peers. She is a good example of how plastic surgery can definitely give you an image boost, no matter what your age is.

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