Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and after Picture Showing Boob Job

It is almost impossible to believe that Katy Perry has had plastic surgery. But then if she has had some work done on her breasts, she should probably dedicate a song to her plastic surgeon. From a casual glance, everything looks natural. But then celebrities have a lot to lie about. We hope everything is still natural.

Did Katy Perry Have Plastic Surgery (Breast Implants) ?

Cute costumes, trendy make-up and fun hairstyles have had the pop sensation right on top of the celebrity watchers list. But when fame is near can controversy be far behind. Not that Katy has gotten into any ugly media mess, but there are talks about her D-cup boobs being fake.

katy perry before and after photo

Katy Perry before and after plastic surgery

When the question was put to the pop star, she claimed that her D-cups were 100% natural and we couldn’t agree more. The singing star has had the privilege to put world’s best stylists and make-up artists to work on her public image. Don’t you think all these rumors are just rubbish when compared to what these talented people have come up with?

Some still ask the question – If Katy hasn’t gone under the knife, why does she look so different now? The answer is simple we say, ‘She grew up!’ As a person matures, it is only natural that some of their features change according to their age. We strongly believe this is the same in the case of Katy Perry as well.

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