Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Probably to keep up with his younger wife or just to keep up with the new talent in the industry, Kenny Rogers seems to have decided to become a plastic surgery victim. The 75 year old singer-songwriter admitted to have undergone some cosmetic procedures to rein in his age. However, he also stated that the eyelid lift was a mistake because it seems to have taken away some of the warmth from his eyes. We cannot agree more – you fans do miss that little sparkle in your eyes!

The country music legend also went under the knife for a facelift and this is no news to his fans. The changes were out there for everyone to see – Visibly less wrinkles, less sagging and puffiness that are otherwise inherent at the grand old age of 75.

Kenny Rogers Plastic surgery Kenny Rogers before and after Photo

Kenny Rogers Plastic surgery Photo

It is a known fact that Kenny Rogers have had numerous plastic surgery procedures through the years – most prominently, around his eyes and forehead. He seems to have spent a lot of money on artificial beauty enhancement for a youthful face. It is rumored that he first went under the knife in the 90s and hasn’t stopped since.

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So what went wrong? The face lift froze his face and the eyelid lift gave him a permanent pop-eyed look – which Kenny himself admits to. Kenny’s stretched out face has a smooth gleam which make him look very plastic and expressionless. However, as time passes the plastic surgery effects seem to be wearing off and Kenny is very pleased that his skin is returning to its natural look. Rogers says that; “As that stuff settles in it looks better and better. If I don’t die soon it’ll look great.”

Looks like Kenny Rogers will have a happy ending after all.

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