Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Plastic surgery is a staple in contemporary Hollywood with almost every actress signing up for a cosmetic surgeon. The fad is not only restricted to the movie stars but successful American TV celebs as well. Kerry Washington is one of the most popular American TV stars who recently hit the headlines given altered facial appearance. Judging Kerry from her yesteryear and current photos, a great range of plastic surgeries can be concluded.

Kerry Washington bad plastic surgery

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The most prominent change in Kerry’s contemporary appearance is visible from her nose. If you look at her older pictures, you will find the Scandal star with a wider nose base and a bigger tip. But the latest pictures show her with a well-defined attractive and narrower nose. This slimming effect of the nose is not possible naturally and it’s evident that Washington has certainly taken to a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon for her nose job.

Then, Kerry’s face looks plumper now with high cheek bones that was not seen earlier. The previous pictures show her with a comparative flatter face. It can be concluded that Olivia Pope has certainly taken to filers injections to plum up her face which has definitely rendered a more arresting look for the 36 years old actress. According to leading plastic surgeons, Kerry has possibly used sculptura injection on her face to ensure the fuller feeling.

Kerry Washington has definitely taken to Botox lately. If you compare her older pictures with that of the newer ones, you will find the younger Kerry with dark spots on her face which is nowhere in her current snaps. Moreover, her forehead is completely devoid of any lines & looks perfectly smooth. A flawless skin is the courtesy of Botox which Kerry has most probably used of late, alike almost every other actress out there.

Kerry Washington has also taken to a lip augmentation procure and her juicier lips duly testify to that speculation.

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