Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Back in 1980s, Kim Basinger was the factor of jealously for most women. Men wanted someone like her and all women wanted to be like her. She has stunning featured and those blond locks to die for. Now, in her sixties, it is but natural to have wrinkles on her face along with some signs of aging. However, Basinger sports a face which is a tad too smooth for someone in their sixties. It seems like the natural ageing process hasn’t even touched her face with her recent photographs devoid of any lines whatsoever. Sources have revealed that she has opted for a number of surgeries including a face lift, cheek implants and multiple Botox injections.

Has Kim Basinger had plastic surgery?

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Breast

All speculations pertaining to her face lift surgery has been confirmed since at 60 her pictures don’t showcase any bags under the jaw line, which is as perky as ever. Her face showcases a youthful glow, and seems like a facelift was done, although in subtle doses. A great thing about the work done on her is that it is extremely subtle and the changes in her face have been kept as natural as possible. Her cheeks also seem bigger than before and definitely fuller if compared to her old pictures. This is a clear indication of facial plumping, done via filler injections.

From the way her face looks especially her eyes, it is quite possible that Basinger has opted for facial injections such as Botox. Couple of years back one of her eye lids was drooping down visibly, which usually is an outcome of Botox overdose. The lady is at sixty and doesn’t have single crow’s feet, which well is quite unnatural. Regardless of the fact that there are so many evidences pointing towards plastic surgery, Basinger prefers to keep it quiet while talking about the rumors.

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