Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And After

Surprising are the steps ageing celebs undertake to look at their youthful best. The pressure of looking youthful seems a tad too much to handle for a number of celebrities who end up looking like a different person altogether post a long series of surgeries. Kim Novak is one such example of plastic surgery, gone really badly.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery 2014 Pic

Kim Novak plastic surgery before after 2014

A leading lady of her time, of late Novak is roaming around with a face swollen up especially around her cheeks. At the age of eighty one, this American actress is looking anything but her age, and definitely not in a good way. Novak sure was a pretty face during her time; however facial fillers have done some major damage to her face to have bloated it up a little too badly. Her skin looks quite taut as well, a little too unnatural for someone in her eighties. A tad too much botox hasn’t done anyone any good, and Kim Novak is a perfect example of that. Her eyes have become extremely stretched courtesy too much botox. Her forehead is also satin smooth and whatever is said about her jaw line is less. Puffed up like a blowfish, Novak is looking extremely hilarious.  It seems that she has gone under the knife for cheek implants as well.

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A rhinoplasty might be on the charts as well with her nose bridge looking quite narrow and sharp, a little too sharp for an eighty year old. Her eyebrows have been tweaked with as well, since the actress is roaming around of late looking permanently surprised with her eyebrows all perked up. There is something truly beautiful about aging gracefully, and most actresses fail to understand that and end up looking like what Novak is looking of late.

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