Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kirstin Chenoweth has come under a lot of fire due to Plastic surgery rumors that popped up recently. The 45 year old American singer and actress seem to have gone a long way with her cosmetic surgery experiments. She has been charged for several procedures including a nose job, some work on the cheeks and also her body. Quite normal for celebrities at this high popularity level!

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Let’s check out her before and after pictures and spot the difference. The 40 plus year old ‘cute’ Kirstin is also keeping a watch on those wrinkles and saggy skin with the help of Botox. Also her cheeks look like they have been pumped up with implants, fillers or fat grafting procedure. Her perky nose with a refined tip and narrower bridge is definitely the handy work of a fine Rhinoplasty under the supervision of a good cosmetic surgeon.

Kirstine Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Kirstine Chenoweth Before and After photo

Kirstine Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Photo

There are also rumors about dental veneers and fillers like Juvederm or Restylane on her lips, being used to enhance Chenoweth’s aging beauty. Everything seems to have worked well, but don’t you think it is much too extreme for her age. The nose and lips look natural, the forehead is perfectly pressed to wrinkle-free perfection and the cheeks compliment her vibrant smile, but all of these together have changed her looks completely and the combined affect in nothing but plastic.

What do you think: Does Kirstin Chenoweth look better after the plastic surgery?

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