Lea Michele Nose Job Before And After Photos

So sooner had Lea Michele started being regular on different magazines and other media platform, than there started major rumors of her going under the knife. Lea rose to fame from the musical drama series Glee and is quite a successful singer and actor. Born in 1986, Lea is in her late twenties and has been quite an attractive woman even before the surgery. Since the singer actress hasn’t been vocal at all about her procedures, hence only going by herbefore and after pictures and random speculations, it seems that she has gone under the knife for a rhinoplasty.

Lea Michele Nose Job Before And After

lea michele nose job before and after

In her older pictures, Lea sported a nose which was rather blunt on the tip with a relatively short bridge, which well added a lot of innocence to her face. In her recent appearances, Lea’s nose looks much sharper and slimmer from both side as well as the tip. Although the signs of a rhinoplasty are a tad too evident, nonetheless, the actress is trying her best to shun away all rumors by denying them constantly. She has been consistent about her comments stating that it is through makeup that her nose looks different.

Now, believing that an actor like Lea, who is already quite attractive and has never been under the limelight because of such rumors, has gone under the blade, is really difficult. Nevertheless the evidences are a little too strong if herbefore and after pictures are compared. It might be so that the actress is just a mere victim of speculations, however, there is a limit to what only makeup can do to alter one’s appearance. And in an industry, where there exists a neck to neck competition between peers to put their best face forward, there is a good chance that Lea actually has undergone a rhinoplasty.

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