Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Botox, Facelift

It’s obvious that Leah Miller has had some major plastic surgery addiction going on – easy there Leah, you don’t want to be the next Catwoman, do you?

The main culprits are a facelift and possible breast implants. Leah’s fans are of the opinion that there are some ‘very’ visible changes in Leah’s recent public appearances. Looks like some ‘enhancements’ have been made to her looks.

Did Leah Miller Had Plastic Surgery ?

Leah Miller is a Canadian television personality, former VJ and hosts Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance. It is a little puzzling as to why she has gone under the knife for age correction treatments in her 30s. But with celebrities, you never know!

Leah Miller before and after

Leah Miller Before and After photo

There have been no confirmations or confessions regarding this topic yet. But a lot rumors have been floating about on the internet. If these were to be believed, Leah has had the plastic surgeon tweak her eye and breast size, had a facelift to make her face angular and possible Botox and lip fillers. But the celebrity watchers say that it is a disaster – Face lift might explains the curves on her face, botox made her face swollen and eyelids surgery gave her a more cat like appearance.

Either these could be honest observations or Leah Miller could be yet another celebrity victim to plastic surgery rumors. Experts haven’t commented on this case yet. But we don’t think there is much to comment either. It could just be a natural aging process that Leah is going through or even the lighting in these before and after photos.

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