Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After Photos

Hollywood celebrities are as much renowned for their plastic surgeries as they are for their stardom. Among the many plastic surgeries taken up by the stars, rhinoplasty or nose job is the most common. Everybody understands the enticing power of a shapely nose and one of the latest to join the line of rhinoplasty is Leona Lewis.

Has Leona Lewis had a nose job?

Leona Lewis Nose Job

Lewis, in fact, is one of those growing number of young stars who have taken to cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty. Her recent pictures flaunt her with a more glamorous outlook than before and a better refined nose is instrumental to her recent sharper aura. If you go through the X Factor winner’s earlier photographs you will find her with a large nose with wide bridge and tip. But compare those with her latest pictures after 2011 and you will find a more fabulous face. If you study keenly you will see that Leona’s nose looks more nutritious and refined now. It has attained a much desired thinner and slimmer shape. The tip has got narrowed & the bridge is looking sharper assuring a prettier look for the singer-celeb.

Akin to most of the celebrities inquired about plastic surgeries, Lewis too has denied any of the speculations regarding a possible nose job. Her spokesperson has already slammed any suggestion about rhinoplasty and the star herself has denied all rumors that have suddenly aroused over her new-improved nose. Lewis has repeatedly declared in public that her refined nose is just a skilled work by her make-up artist and there is no truth about the growing speculations on a rhinoplasty procedure on her part.

However, no matter how much the singer-celeb denies the discussions about her nose job, a rhinoplasty work is definitely certain. No make-up artist, how much skilled he is cannot attain such a slimmer look on a large nose just with his strokes and powder.

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