Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After – Stomach, Lips

39 year old American rapper/singer-songwriter Lil’ Kim had a shocker planned for her fans at the Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium, earlier this year. Keeping up with her style, she showed up in a stunning costume, but it was her ‘almost unrecognizable’ face that caught all the attention! International business times reports; “The 38-year-old rapper stepped on stage in New Jersey Sunday night sporting high cheekbones, overly plump lips, a smaller nose, stomach pumped and heavily lined eyebrows, making fans wonder anew if Lil’ Kim had had work done.” But we are not just wondering here – looks like Lil’ Kim has indeed got some plastic surgery done!

Did Lil’ Kim Have Plastic Surgery ?

Take a look at her before and after photographs below. You do spot the difference right? – Plump cheeks and lips, arched eyebrows, a small narrow nose, contoured face and waxy skin. Experts suspect the involvement of filler injections, Botox, Rhinoplasty, brow lifts, stomach pumped and laser treatments, in bringing about these ‘drastic’ changes in Kim’s appearance.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Lil Kim Before and after photo

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Photo

Lil’ Kim, originally Kimberly Denise Jones has of course rubbished all the rumors and speculations. She even issued a statement denying the reports. Lil’ Kim also tweeted that her photos are being photoshopped! Well, she can keep denying all she wants, but the public seems to have made an opinion already.

Lil’ Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Videos – Watch Now !!


This is not the first time Lil’ Kim has come under the wrath of plastic surgery rumors in her rags to riches story. Her constantly changing faces can only be credited to plastic surgery obsession. She is also rumored to have had breast implants and skin whitening treatments ever since she started climbing in fame. While Lil’ Kim seems to be addicted to cosmetic surgery procedures, she hasn’t yet reached the weird stage. Hope she does not make plans to get there faster.

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