Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

At 48 years of age, Linda Evangelista’s flawlessly smooth skin has sparked of several rumors about her involvement with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery forums and websites have been abuzz with news of Linda’s youthful but plastic face, ever since the Canadian model admitted to have used Botox injections. She is also known to have said that she is not afraid to admit to have gone under the knife.

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So how did we find out about Linda’s successful attempt at plastic surgery to enhance her beauty? The lack of wrinkles on her almost 50 year old face, of course! The good news is that she has got it right. The Botox injections seem to have taken care of her aging troubles in just the right doses. And this has ensured Linda Evangelista’s face to remain attractive, unlike a few other unlucky Botox victims among our celebrities.

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Linda Evangelista Before and After Photo

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Photo

Linda has been featured on over 600 magazine covers and is still considered deserving for a supermodel title. It is important that she keeps her looks in check. And it is quite commendable that she had to depend only on Botox to maintain the glamour through her long career. Even Crowsfeet and laugh lines that most other celebrities leave on their face after a good facelift, has been taken care of by a minor Botox procedure in Linda’s case. Plastic surgeons also take Linda as a fine example of Botox success.

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