Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Linda Evans is supposedly becoming more and more popular with her plastic surgeries. By her before and after pictures it has been identified that she went in for numerous plastic surgeries to enhance her looks.

Has Linda Evans Had Plastic Surgery?


The surgical procedures which she has opted for are on her nose, face and eyes. Clear indication of some unnatural parts is seen on her face. Seemingly it is her age though which has also worsened the condition. Her face looks lifted than before and her face is also fuller. So the cheek implants and the fillers are producing such an effect. Her nose is also no longer the same as before as it looks sharp and bony. Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon pointed out that her puffed up cheeks are a result of cheek implants. The face which also looks tight might have been due to facelift and eyelift surgeries.

Too much of plastic surgery is making her face bloated up. In her old age her looks have become unnatural. She admits going in for excessive surgeries which have made her face look disastrous. The horrific change that is felt on her face is the bulbous lips combined with puffed up cheeks. Though it is undoubted that she is still pretty to look at but what is striking is her transformed not so good plastic face.

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Some other critics opine that she has had successful and multiple surgical procedures. But she states that she is not going in for any other plastic surgeries. Though minute changes would have helped her face but too much of surgeries is only making it worse than ever. Though the signs of ageing might have been corrected by the several plastic surgeries but other dramatic changes have also appeared over time.

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