Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lisa Rinna has been speculated to have gone under the knife for three plastic surgery procedures which include- Botox, breast augmentation and lip enhancement. She is known for her pout of the lips which is her signature pose.

Has Lisa Rinna Had Plastic Surgery?


She admitted to have gone in for silicone in her lips. She admitted that it was not a great idea to have gone in for lip enhancement. But she also got some part of the surgery removed after disliking her own lips. Further to shorten down her upper lips she went in for surgery. It takes courage for a celebrity to come out open and mention about the surgeries so kudos to Lisa Rinna for not being fake and admitting to have gone under the knife. Mostly if the surgery is awful the celebrities do not like to speak about it but here Lisa speaks about her lip surgery which did not get the best result as expected.

She also admitted that she likes Botox and did went in for it to improve her face so that her face looks tight devoid of sagging lines and wrinkles and a smooth skin on her face. In fact several smoothening injections have been taken by her. Breast augmentation is another surgery which she opted for. The changes that are seen on her face before and after the surgery are that her cheeks are no more puffed up; she is seen with a jaw line which was not seen earlier. The procedures do not seem too extravagant or too little. It is in moderation excepting her job on the lips. The shine on her face is visible from before. Her natural appearance does look to have tampered with but for her honesty the looks appear real for some reason.

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