Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Liza Minnelli is someone who hasn’t ever gone on record to declare that she has gone under the blade to get her appearance enhanced; however her recent pictures as compared to her old looks are enough proof that the actress has definitely has some kind of changes made to her look surgically. Recently the actress was captured arriving at a party in New York, as look a tad too weird if not drastically different when she smiled and posed for the camera.

Liza Minnelli Cosmetic Surgery

Liza Minnelli before after surgery

She was already known for her doe like eyes, however her recent appearance showcased the, quite far apart from each other giving her a weird appearance. Besides that she looked a tad too wrinkle free for a lady as old as her.

While caught on camera, Liza Minnelli looked as if she was having trouble moving her face as she smiled, especially the upper part of her face and eyebrows. Ever have caught anybody in utter surprise, well, Minnelli looked that throughout the entire time. Looks like she has gone a tad too far with her Botox! Like most aging celebrity looking for a way to keep on looking young, Liza too went under the knife, however only going a little far.

Besides her face and eyes, her lips looked unnecessarily swollen and plumped up giving her quite an unnatural look. This too seems to be the outcome of filler overdose. As she sat down by actress and dear friend Arlene Dahl, Liza looked extremely unnatural. For someone in their eighties, Liza not only looked surprisingly smooth skinned, but also her complexion looked much radiant. She can keep quiet all she wants, but with such a surprised look and eyes too far apart, she need a lot of luck to keep speculations at bay

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