Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lorenzo Lamas is a famous American actor who starred in many popular TV shows such as Falcon Crest and Bold and the Beautiful. Through the years, he was always known for being good looking. He had plenty of great facial features that made women around the world swoon. Through his recent years, he still manages to look good. The actor is 56 years old and does not look as if he has reached 40. It is safe to say that these good looks at his age might be associated with plastic surgery.  There are a few different surgeries he may have had throughout the years.

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery

A chin job seems like a legitimate surgery when you look at the before and after pictures. He always had a very defined chin. As the years go on the skin tends to sag and pull away from the face. As Lamas aged, you can see his chin start to decline, and then it starts coming right back up again. A chin job is the most logical explanation for this sudden lift.

It would also appear that he got a combination facelift and Botox shots. This is due to his lack of fine lines and wrinkles, especially when you consider he is pushing 60. The facelift would explain why his face is so tight, and he has no frown lines, or crow’s feet. Botox shots would be responsible for the fullness of his face. Over time people lose elasticity in their skin. This does not seem to be the case for Lamas. While he may not look like he is in his 20’s, he has certainly aged well with the assistance from cosmetic surgery. He must have had a great surgeon because you cannot see any scars or distinct marks from the plastic surgeries.

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