Lou Ferrigno Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lou Ferrigno is an actor and retired body builder. He now spends his days as a fitness trainer and has helped tons of people get in shape, and stay in shape. He has always been known for his striking good looks. Throughout the years many women, and probably a few guys wanted to get his attention because of how good he looked. It has come to light now that he is 62 years old that he had plastic surgery at least in the past 10 years or so. The reason many people seem to believe this is because of how young he still looks to this day.

Lou Ferrigno plastic surgery before and after photos

Lou Ferrigno plastic surgery

Even though it is well past Lou Ferrigno’s 60th birthday he still looks like her could pass for his mid-40s. There have been a few people that suggested that it was genetics, while others said it was due to the way he takes care of himself, and still other say he found the fountain of youth. The likely answer is that he had plastic surgery done.

When you look at the before and after photos there is two surgeries in particular that stick out. The first one is the neck job that looks pretty obvious due to the fact that there is no extra skin around his neck area. Besides the neck job it is a strong possibility that he gets Botox shots in his face to keep his youthful appearance going strong. Consider the fact that these surgeries may have been done only once or twice and you can see why people decide to get plastic surgery. It is becoming increasingly popular not just in Hollywood, but also amongst everyday people. There are new offices popping up daily, so if you are considering getting work done now is a great time to look into it.

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