Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lucy Liu is an American born actress, model, artist, and more. She has had a long lengthy career spanning across many different mediums and that does not seem to be ending any time soon. One of the things that many people immediately notice about Lucy Liu is how extraordinarily young she looks. Believe it or not, she is actually forty six years old. The reason this is so strange is because if you look at her you would think that she could easily be in her twenties at best. It is amazing to see how she manages to look so young at her age. It might have a lot to do with her diet and taking care of herself, but it also has something to do with her getting plastic surgery.

Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery

If you take a glance at her before and after photos you can tell that she had work done on her face in multiple places. The first, and most obvious surgery is a facelift to keep her face looking fresh and young no matter how old she is. When she opted to get a facelift she knew she was going to be taking care of any fine lines that otherwise would show as early as her 30s. Getting a facelift is how many people choose to boost their confidence and look better no matter their age.

It would also seem that she had a nose job to go with her facelift. The reason the nose job is so clear is because the before and after photos show two completely different noses. What might have happened is she seen how her face looked after surgery, and wanted to get her nose done so that it would complement the rest of her face. One thing is for sure, Lucy Liu is a very beautiful, very sexy woman who is admired by people around the world.

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