Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Albeit plastic surgeries are no secret in Hollywood today yet most of the stars prefer to play coy here. However, their denial cannot suppress the increasingly speculations about their unnaturally youthful aura even after being at the wrong side of 50. Lynda Carter is one such star who has always been mum about any cosmetic procedure taken but her stunning firm appearance even at 60+ points towards cosmetic help. The post here discusses some of the plastic surgeries opted by the former Miss World.

Has Lynda Carter Had Plastic Surgery?


The most prominent speculation about the Wonder Woman’s plastic surgery stints centers round a facelift procedure. It is natural for women to develop wrinkles, frowns, creases and sagging skin as they start to age. Carter has already crossed the 60 bar but if you take a glance at her latest snaps you would be surprised to find her with no signs of aging as mentioned above. Such a firm toned look is not possible normally when a person has crossed 60 and is only viable through cosmetic help, precisely facelift. Added to Facelift, Carter has also taken to Botox injections that has smoothed her face and added on a beautiful glow to it.

According to some expert plastic surgeons, Carter has further gone for a very cutting edge cosmetic treatment called Fraxel Laser. It has helped her with a more shiny and youthful appearance.

Besides, the former Miss World is also speculated to have opted for Blepharoplasty which is commonly known as eyelid surgery. Skin surface tends to lose out on elasticity with age & the fat deposits too experience a drastic reduction. This leads to loose skin & drooping eyebrows. But if you look at Carter now, you will find no such drooping skin around the eye region and her eyes look as fresh as that of a 30 year old. As this is not possible naturally, the only conclusion is Blepharoplasty.

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